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2016 Archived Training Videos Date Size

 To view the videos, click on the links below and enter the password: hmjtraining2016

Merchandising Display Video

Pricing Document Video

Week 1 -  January 5th      Catalog Training Video  &  Pricing Document Video

Week 2 -  January 12th    Fonts Training Video

Week 3 -  January 19th    Custom Stamp Training Video

Week 4 -  January 26th    Charms & Character Ranges (product catalog pages 11-48)

Week 5 -  February 2nd   Wreath Limit & Fit Standard Video

Week 6 -  February 9th    Accents Training Video

Week 7 -  February 16th  Diamond Accents Video

Week 8 -  February 23rd  Chain Training Video

Week 12 -  March 23rd     Keywords Training Video

Week 13 -  March 29th     Hand Stamping 

Week 17 -  April 28th       HMJ History Training Video

Week 18 -  June 8th         How to Clean Charms Video

Week 19 -  June 28th       Merchandising Display Training Video

Catalog Updates and Support Material    
Week 2 - January 12th     Bold on Bold 2016 94KB
Week 3 - January 19th     Custom Stamp Help Sheet 2016 2.04MB
Week 5 - February 2nd     FIT Basic Guidelines 2016 291KB 
Week 5 - February 2nd    Wreath Limits 2016  4.6MB
Week 6 - February 9th     Accents 2016 2016 9.7MB
Week 7 - February 16th   Diamonds the 4 Cs 2016 1.7MB
Week 7 - February 16th   Diamonds in Accents 2016 2.5MB
Week 9 - March 1st          Bangle and Cuf 2016 160KB
Week 10 - March 8th        Inside Ring Limits 2016 115KB
Week 12 - March 22nd     Keyword Definitions 2016 418KB
Week 19 - May 11th         Mohs Hardness Scale      2016  
Week 19 - May 11th         Diamond Anatomy 2016  
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