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Download Date Size
* New Charm Order Form 10/19/16 4.7MB
* New Chain Order Form 10/19/16 1.3MB
 All Order Forms 2016 4/15/16 3.2MB
Bangles 10/1/13 745KB
Belt Buckles 10/1/13 463KB 
3.3Pmm Chain 2/27/14 561KB
Chain 10/1/13 572KB
Chain Additionals 2/27/14 567KB
Cuff Bracelets 10/1/13 475KB
 3mm Channel Cuff Bracelet 2/16/16 2.9MM
Cufflinks - Original Frame Round  10/1/13 739KB
Cufflinks - Original Frame Oval 10/1/13 569KB
Cufflinks - Original Frame Square 10/1/13 346KB 
Cufflinks - Unframed Round 10/1/13 576KB 
Cufflinks - Unframed Oval 10/1/13 546KB 
Cufflinks - Original Frame Square 10/1/13 563KB 
Cufflinks - Wide Frame Round 10/1/13 465KB
Cufflinks - Wide Frame Oval 10/1/13 563KB 
 Diamonds 8/28/14 652KB
 Decorative Frames Order Forms 6/28/16 1.4MB
Earrings 10/1/13 759KB
 Gemstones - Birthstones 8/28/14 1.1MB
 Gemstones - Color Sets 8/28/14 1.1MB
Globes  10/1/13 564KB
Harriet Stones 10/1/13 374KB
Harriet Stone Charms 10/1/13 364KB
Heart Charms 10/1/13 486KB
Heart Charm - Wide Frame 10/1/13 564KB 
Holiday Ornaments 10/1/13 645KB
ID Tag Charms 10/1/13 576KB
ID Tag Charms - Wide Frame 10/1/13 475KB
 Initial Set 1  10/1/15  576KB
 Initial Set 2 10/1/15 576KB
Initial Set 3 10/1/15 576KB
Jumbo Cuff Bracelets  10/1/13 576KB
Key Chains  10/1/13 564KB 
Key Charms  10/1/13 576KB
 Last Minute Gifts 12/2/15 576KB
Leather Bracelets 10/1/13 654KB 
Leather Slide Bracelets 10/1/13 476KB
Merchandise for Resellers 10/1/13 675KB
Money Clips 10/1/13 658KB
Name Plates 10/1/13 564KB
 Open Cirlce Open Oval Bracelets 2/19/16 574KB
 Thick Open Circle Leather Bracelet 2/16/2016 2.9MB
Oval Charms 10/1/13 374KB
Wide Frame Oval Charms 10/1/13 573KB
Rings 10/1/13 573KB
Round Charms 10/1/13 453KB
Round Charms - Wide Frame  10/1/13 745KB 
Stamps  10/1/13 563KB
 Standard Personalized 03/19/15 2.1MB
 2015 Summer Collection Personalized Order Forms 6/10/15 691KB
Tuxedo Studs 10/1/13 438KB
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*For a restocking fee HMJ offers 55% credit of the original piece towards a purchase balance. If the piece has been altered by another jeweler, the 55% restocking fee is the only option.

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