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Her Story

“I said to my sister and she said to me: ‘Come, let’s play laughter together.’” Jewelry designer Heather B. Moore stamped this sweet sentiment from her sister into a small silver plaque more than 20 years ago and has carried it in her wallet ever since.

While in the process of completing her studies at the Cleveland Institute of Art in the early 90’s she revisited that same plaque, and others just like it.These plaques had different quotes and other memorable words from her family and friends, which were then stamped into metal using a set of stamping tools Moore found at a garage sale when she was 13. Heather Moore’s collection began in 2004.

In addition to being a well-respected glass blower and metalworker, Moore was also busy crafting a jewelry collection in sterling silver and enamel. Urged on by her sisters, she pushed to finish her very first collection, a collection that would go on to win The Rising Star Award in 2000 from the jewelry trade organization JCK.

After having Coral, her fourth child, Moore went down to her studio and pulled out the old stamps from her college days. She then stamped her kids’ names onto some scrap silver, used bits of gold to frame them, and made charms for a necklace. Her kids would love to sit on her lap and flip through each charm until they found the one with their name on it, a moment Moore will always hold dear.

During the summer of 2004, Moore went to what would be her last enamel trade show. She was wearing her personalized necklace but selling her enamel designs. Almost everyone asked her where she got her necklace and how much it cost.  When she made that necklace she made it only for herself with moments that she held close, she wasn’t thinking that anyone would even notice it. Moore had been designing jewelry for the masses for so long, always thinking about the seasons and other general inspirations, but this was her own little thing. This is when she realized the challenge she had been searching for.

Today that very first charm necklace has turned into a vast collection of personalized charms, chains, earrings, bracelets, rings, cufflinks, belt buckles, key chains and money clips. These can all be personalized in the most unique way to showcase what you cherish, be it a person, date, location, milestone or inspiration.

Moore achieves this special quality by milling her own stamps at her studio in Cleveland, Ohio. This gives her the ability to replicate things such as handwriting, family crests, corporate logos—even a child’s face or drawing.

To make the pieces even more unique, Moore uses a freehand stamping technique, where each character is individually positioned and stamped into place. This provides a countless number of text and image layouts, which the studio and sales teams design in conjunction with their clients.

“Listening to people explain the story behind their charms has always been and still is a highlight for me,” Moore says.“This collection is not about impulse jewelry; it’s about documenting all that’s important in your life and remembering what shaped you. I am so honored to have the opportunity to make true heirloom pieces. And just how all treasured things are passed down through families, this is how your story will continue to live and be told.”

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