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Co-op Program 

Click this link to download our 2016 Co-op Policy and Procedures program.

 Co-op Policy and Procedures Dec 2016

Co-Op Policy

The Program

 Marketing and advertising are critically important to any business.  Heather Moore encourages marketing activity and, upon approval, will subsidize 50% of the cost using earned co-op credit.


Accumulating Co-Op Credit

 Co-op credit is calculated based on the amount of purchases from Heather Moore in the previous year.  5% of those purchases are “banked” and available to use in the current year.  A simple example:  Your store purchased $75,000 in Heather Moore merchandise last year.  You have earned 5% or $3,750 to use in your advertising and marketing in this current year.


Approval Process and Guidelines

-       Advertisement must feature Heather Moore exclusively or co-branded with your store, no other designers nor vendors can be included

-       Send proposed content along with cost to create to our Marketing team for review and approval -

-       Upon approval, send final invoice to our Marketing team

-       Payment will occur by way of a credit on your account and used on your next purchase until it is depleted


Terms and Conditions

-       Any co-op balance will be forfeited at the end of the current year

-       Co-op credit is not to be used for employee purchases


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*For a restocking fee HMJ offers 55% credit of the original piece towards a purchase balance. If the piece has been altered by another jeweler, the 55% restocking fee is the only option.

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