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Download Date Size
 2015 HMJ Catalog 2015 46.6MB
  Table of Contents 2015 6.8MB
  Fonts and Stamping Layouts 2015 2.9MB
 3_CHARMS (Updated with New Frames) 2016 17.9MB
 4_Harriet Stones Updated 7-29-15 2015  4.8MB
  Earrings 2015  2.9MB
  Rings 2015  3.1MB
  Cufflinks 2015 3.4MB
  Keychains, Monekyclips, Belt Buckles 2015  4MB
 2015 Stamp Additionals 2015 1.5MB
 2016 Catalog Update Bracelets 2016 3.7MB
 2016 Catalog update Accents 2016 6.5MB
 2016 Catalog Update Charms 2016 16MB
Catalog Updates and Support Material    
Week 2 - January 12th    Bold on Bold 2016 94KB 
Week 3 - January 19th    Custom Stamp Help Sheet 2016 2.04MB
Week 5 - February 2nd    FIT Basic Guidelines 2016 291KB
Week 5 - February 2nd    Wreath Limits 2016  4.6MB
Week 6 - February 9th     Accents 2016
2016 9.7MB
Week 7 - February 16th    Diamonds in Accents 2016 2.5MB
Week 10 - March 8th         Inside Ring Limits 2016 115KB
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*For a restocking fee HMJ offers 55% credit of the original piece towards a purchase balance. If the piece has been altered by another jeweler, the 55% restocking fee is the only option.

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